with your future. 

Students and New Grads

Westinghouse has a rich past and a bright future. As an authority in the nuclear power industry, we are dedicated to providing clean, environmentally safe and reliable energy across the globe. We’re always looking for team members who will help us make a positive global impact, and we are eager to develop the next generation of nuclear energy leaders. That's why we are ever-present on campuses across the country.  

By recruiting at various college campuses, and building relationships with universities and student organizations, we strive to continually enhance our workforce with new talent. In return, we provide exciting and engaging opportunities for students and new graduates.  

Internships and Co-ops 
Sophomores enrolled in bachelor's degree programs can learn more about our organization and the nuclear power industry through a Westinghouse internship or co-op. These programs are offered throughout the year, and students will complete meaningful assignments in a fast-paced environment.  
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New Grad Program 
Westinghouse wants your transition from college to the workplace to be as smooth as possible. Through our New Grad Program, you'll discover the career path that's right for you. And we'll be there to guide you every step of the way. 
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Connect with us on campus. Use our events calendar to find out where you can meet our representatives. Or, if you have questions about the interview process, take a look at our interview FAQs