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VVER Products and Services

Westinghouse currently provides fuel for 147 nuclear power plants worldwide including for VVER plants.

We have been providing VVER fuel since 1997 and since that time have delivered more than 1,900 fuel assemblies.

Westinghouse and the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (NNEGC Energoatom) agreed to a contract extension for fuel deliveries to Ukrainian nuclear power plants through to 2020. The contract provides for the continuation of the long-standing partnership between the two companies in providing competitive and secure nuclear fuel supplies for Ukraine’s VVER reactor fleet.

Westinghouse signed the original contract to provide nuclear fuel in 2008. Under terms of the contract extension, Westinghouse will produce the fuel at its fabrication facility in Västerås, Sweden. The Västerås facility is one of the largest and most modern fuel plants in the world, serving every major market in Europe and South Africa. In addition to Västerås, Westinghouse has 9 other fuel manufacturing locations around the world, including another in Europe at Springfields (Preston, Lancashire, U.K.). Our Columbia, South Carolina (USA) site is headquarters for fuel manufacturing operations in the United States, including major PWR and VVER chemical and mechanical fabrication facilities, product engineering, and testing laboratories. At Columbia, we design and fabricate completed nuclear fuel assemblies and fuel-related products, such as top and bottom nozzles, control rods, and Zirconium Diboride and Erbia integral fuel burnable absorbers for PWRs and VVER reactors.

In addition to fuel and fuel products, Westinghouse can offer a full complement of nuclear services to keep VVER nuclear plants operating safely and competitively as we do for PWRs and BWRs. Our customers rely on us to support their needs for reliable plant operation, maximized power output and better outages. Our global presence and localized approach to project implementation allow us to provide the support our customers need.

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