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New Nuclear Power Plants

Westinghouse technology is the basis for nearly 50 percent of the world's operating commercial nuclear power plants. Nuclear Power Plants provides the development, licensing, detailed engineering, project management, component manufacturing, and startup support for new Westinghouse nuclear power plants, including units under construction in Korea and China and those being considered in Japan, the U.K., Europe, and elsewhere around the world.

Westinghouse is a leader in the design of advanced pressurized water reactor (PWR) systems for worldwide applications. Our new nuclear power plant design portfolio includes specific customer-driven designs including:

  • The System 80® nuclear steam supply system, which forms the basis for the proven and highly successful Korea Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP)

  • The AP1000® pressurized water reactor is based on demonstrated, licensed technology with simplified safety systems that rely solely on natural forces

A leader in technology transfer, Westinghouse has successfully transferred design and manufacturing capabilities to many countries, including France, Japan, and Korea. Its most recent efforts in technology transfer have allowed Korea to become self-reliant in the design and construction of nuclear power plants, components and fuel. International cooperation continues with companies in Korea and Japan toward the development of the Korean Next Generation Reactor (KNGR) in Korea and the Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APWR) in Japan. The technology basis for the KNGR is our 1350 MWe System 80+ advanced plant design, the only large evolutionary PWR that has received design certification from the U.S. NRC under its one-step licensing process.

Westinghouse continues to explore new power-plant design technologies for tomorrow's energy markets. The company is currently working with the nuclear industry and U.S. government agencies on formulating design improvements and an improved risk-based licensing process that will reduce the construction costs of new plants to help maintain the essential nuclear option for the future U.S. energy marketplace.


Ulchin 3 and 4 in the Republic of Korea

Nuclear Power Plants

New Nuclear Power Plants


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