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Engineering Services

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Accurate Measurement of Steam Generator Moisture Carryover with Nonradioactive Chemical Tracer
AFW and Turbine Upgrade
Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring System (ARMS) for Reactor Head Leak Detection
AirCEt™ 5000 Air-Operated Valve Diagnostic Testing System
Alternative Radiological Source Term Analyses (RG 1.183)
Alternate Reactor Coolant Makeup System
Analysis of Post-Accident Containment Sump Performance
AP-913 Equipment Reliability Process
Application of Simulated Annealing Optimization Technology to Nuclear Refuel Planning
Auxiliary Class 1, 2 and 3 Piping Snubber Elimination
Baffle Bolt Engineering Analysis
Boiling Water Reactor Radiation Analysis
Bottom-mounted Instrumentation Inspection and Repair
BWR Containment Safety Analysis
BWR Debris Trap
BWR Engineering Services: Uprating Programs
BWR LOCA Analysis
BWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Internals Segmentation and Packaging
Canopy Seal Clamp Assembly (CSCA™)
CE Nuclear Transient Simulator (CENTS)
Centrifugal Debris Trap
CHAMP Cable Health and Aging Management Program
Chemical Evaluation of Steam Generator Deposits – Sludge Report
Chemical Reaction Rate Measurement for Process Design and Safety
Chrome-Plated Flux Thimbles
CoilCEt™ A Control Element Drive Mechanism Data Acquisition System
Computerized Scaling Manual
Containment and Radiological Safety Analysis Services
Containment Integrated Leak Rate Test Extension
Control System Setpoints
Core Exit Thermocouple Nozzle Assembly (CETNA™)
DB Cell-checking Device
DB Circuit Breakers
Design Basis Documentation Programs
DHP Circuit Breaker Refurbishment Program
DHP-VR Medium-voltage Circuit Breaker Vacuum Replacement
Diagnostic Chemistry Services
DS and DB Circuit Breaker Refurbishment
DS Cell Checking Device
DS Circuit Breaker Enhanced Maintenance Parts Kit
DS Circuit Breakers
Dynamic Rod Worth Measurement System (DRWM™)
EnergiTools™ Performance and Diagnosis Tools for Finding Lost Megawatts
Engineered Software Solutions
Enhanced BWR Engineering Services: Steam Dryer Acoustic Technology
Enhanced Direct Trip Actuator (DTA)
Enhanced Mechanism/Maintenance Kit for 5 kV Vacuum Replacement Circuit Breakers
Enhanced Replacement Pressurizer Heaters
Equipment LIFETIME™ Monitor
External Flooding Probabilistic Risk Assessment Analysis
Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Program
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FATE™: Software for Facility Process, Safety, and Decommissioning and Dismantling
FATE™: Software for Reactor Auxiliary Building Accident Response
FaNMAN™ File and Data Manipulation Software Tool Kit
Filtered Containment Venting: The Dry Filter Method
Fire PRA and NFPA 805
Flaw Evaluation Handbook
FLEX Implementation
Full-scope Regulatory Guide 1.200 Probabilistic Risk Assessment Models for Advanced Plants
Fully Integrated RG 1.200 Simplified Level 2 PRA Model
Gas Voids
GOTHIC Analysis Capabilities
GOTHIC Auxiliary Building Analysis Models
Guide Tube Support Pin Replacement
Handling Equipment for Radioactive Waste and Contaminated Material
High Speed Gear Drive
HK-VR Medium-voltage Circuit Breaker Vacuum Replacement
Hot Cell Facility
Ice Condenser Engineering
Implementing Nuclear Regulatory Commission Guidance on Net Positive Suction Head Evaluations in Plant Safety Analysis
Improving PWR Containment Design Margins
Increased Letdown/Purification Flow for Shutdown Optimization
Independent Review of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)
Integrated Hydrogen Control Solutions
Integrated Hydrogen Monitoring Solutions for Severe Accidents
Internal Flooding Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Jet Pump Assembly Services
Laser Profiling
Laser Welding
License Renewal Implementation
License Renewal Support Services
Loop Stop Isolation Valve Disc Guide Repair
Lower Internals Upflow Conversion
Low-loss Pump Suction Gas Separator Sheet Information
Low Power and Shutdown PRA Modeling
Machine Shop Capabilities
Major Components Life Cycle Management
Mechanical Nozzle Seal Assembly
Membrane-based Air Removal System
Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable Assemblies
Mitigation and Repair Technology for Reactor Internal Components: Laser Welding
Mitigation, Repair and Replacement Technology for Reactor Internal Components
Mobile Solidification System for Liquid Radioactive Waste
Mobile Water and Electricity Supply System
Modular Accident Response System
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Motor Control Centers
NEI 97-06 Implementation (SG Maintenance)
Net Heat Input Evaluation
New DS Breaker Motor Cutoff Switch
Non-LOCA Safety Analysis Services
Non-LOCA Technology Transfer
NRC 50.69 Rule Improves Safety and Saves Millions in O&M Costs
Nuclear Plant Modular Condenser Replacement
Online RTS/ESFAS Testing without Risk of Plant Trip
Online Station Nuclear Engineer Course
OPΔT/OTΔT Operating Margin Recovery Program
Outage Optimization Program
Passive Hardened Vents for BWRs
Performance-Centered Reliability Plan
Permanent Cavity Seal Rings - Narrow Gap and Wide Gap
Plant Licensing Support
PoolWorks™ Software
PRA Operational Assistance Cosourcing and Outsourcing
PRA Operational Assistance Risk-Informed Technical Specifications
Preventing Intrusion of Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items into the Nuclear Supply Chain
Preventive Maintenance Bases for Nuclear Reliability
Procedures Development and Maintenance
Protection System Setpoints and Initial Condition Uncertainties
PWR Reactor Internals Aging Management Pre‑inspection Engineering Package
PWR Reactor Vessel Internals Segmentation and Packaging
Quick Disconnect Control Rod Drive Mechanism Seismic Support Tie Rod
Radiation Analysis for Transportation, Storage and Disposal
Radiation Engineering and Analysis
RadTrack™ Automated System for Radiation Analysis of the Reactor Environment
RCS Flow Measurement Using Elbow Tap Methodology
Reactor Coolant Vacuum Refill
Reactor Core Iso Cooling BWR
Reactor Vessel Bottom-Mounted Instrumentation (BMI) Nozzle Contingency Repair
Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsule Evaluation & Fabrication Programs
Recovering Steam Generator Pressure Loss through Tube Fouling Management
RELAP5 Analysis Services
Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) Axial Flow Preheater (AXP) Design
Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) Feedring Design
Risk Applications and Methods
Risk-Informed In-Service Inspection
Risk-Informed Repair/Replacement
Risk-Informed Safety Importance on Equipment
Rod Drop Test System
Secondary Side Condition Monitoring and Operational Assessment
Seismic PRA Modeling
Severe Accident Management Guidance Support
Shuffle Works™ Enhanced EPRI Core Shuffler Nuclear Fuel Movement, Planning, and Monitoring for PWR & BWR Plants
Simplified Head Assembly
Spray Additive Tank Deletion
Spent Fuel Pool Probabilistic Risk Assessment Modeling
Spent Fuel Radiation Analysis
Staff Augmentation - Equipment Reliability & Preventive Maintenance Engineering
Staggered Integrated Engineered Safety Features/Loss of Offsite Power Testing
Steam Dryer
Steam Generator Asset Management Program
Steam Generator Corrosion & Wear Projection
Steam Generator Engineering Product Portfolio
Steam Generator Loose Parts Weir
Steam Generator Pulled Tube Laboratory Examination
Steam Generator Quatrefoil Tube Support Plate Flow Blockage Assessment
Steam Generator Scale Profiling
Steam Generator Snubber Elimination
Steam Generator Strategic Planning
Steam Generator Tube Stabilizer
Steam Dryer
Talent Sharing
Thermal Hydraulic Testing Center of Excellence
Tin Whisker Inspection and Printed Circuit Board Cleaning Services
Tube Integrity & Alternate Repair Criteria
Ultrasonic Gas Voids Monitoring System
Ultrasonic Level Measurement System (ULMS)
Underwater 3D Laser Scanner
Upper Head Temperature Reduction (UHTR) Program
Uprating Programs
Valve Program Management
VEXTOR Vortex Suppressor
Vibration Suppression Systems for Boiling Water Reactors
Waste Technology Process Engineering and Safety
Westector® Overcurrent Trip Device
Westector® Test Kit
WESTEMS™ Fatigue Analysis, Diagnostics and Monitoring System
WESTEMS™ Integrated Diagnostics & Monitoring Systems
Westinghouse Autoclave
Westinghouse Engineering Alliances
Westinghouse In-Core Information Surveillance & Engineering (WINCISE)
Westinghouse GOTHIC Applications - Room Heat-up Analysis
Westinghouse Innovation Partnership Program
Westinghouse Mechanical Testing
Westinghouse Replacement Switches For Gemco® Switches
Westinghouse Stainless and Carbon Steel Valves
Zinc Addition
Westinghouse Electric Company