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Systems Engineering

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Accurate Measurement of Steam Generator Moisture Carryover with Nonradioactive Chemical Tracer
AFW and Turbine Upgrade
Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring System (ARMS) for Reactor Head Leak Detection
AirCEt™ 5000 Air-Operated Valve Diagnostic Testing System
Alternate Reactor Coolant Makeup System
Auxiliary Class 1, 2 and 3 Piping Snubber Elimination
CE Nuclear Transient Simulator (CENTS)
Centrifugal Debris Trap
CoilCEt™ A Control Element Drive Mechanism Data Acquisition System
Control System Setpoints
EnergiTools™ Performance and Diagnosis Tools for Finding Lost Megawatts
Engineered Software Solutions
Equipment LIFETIME™ Monitor
Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Program
FaNMAN™ File and Data Manipulation Software Tool Kit
FLEX Implementation
Hot Cell Facility
Increased Letdown/Purification Flow for Shutdown Optimization
Integrated Hydrogen Control Solutions
Net Heat Input Evaluation
Loop Stop Isolation Valve Disc Guide Repair
Low-loss Pump Suction Gas Separator Sheet Information
Membrane-based Air Removal System
Online RTS/ESFAS Testing without Risk of Plant Trip
OPΔT/OTΔT Operating Margin Recovery Program
PoolWorks™ Software
Protection System Setpoints and Initial Condition Uncertainties
Radiation Engineering and Analysis
RadTrack™ Automated System for Radiation Analysis of the Reactor Environment
RCS Flow Measurement Using Elbow Tap Methodology
Reactor Coolant Vacuum Refill
Reactor Core Isolation Cooling System and Turbine/Pump Upgrades for Boiling Water Reactors
Recovering Steam Generator Pressure Loss through Tube Fouling Management
RELAP5 Analysis Services
Shuffle Works™ Enhanced EPRI Core Shuffler Nuclear Fuel Movement, Planning, and Monitoring for PWR & BWR Plants
Spray Additive Tank Deletion
Steam Generator Snubber Elimination
Thermal Hydraulic Testing Center of Excellence
Ultrasonic Level Measurement System (ULMS)
Underwater 3D Laser Scanner
Valve Program Management
VEXTOR Vortex Suppressor
WESTEMS™ Fatigue Analysis, Diagnostics and Monitoring System
WESTEMS™ Integrated Diagnostics & Monitoring Systems
Westinghouse Autoclave
Westinghouse GOTHIC Applications - Room Heat-up Analysis
Westinghouse Mechanical Testing
Westinghouse Electric Company