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Field Services

For detailed information on specific products in this section, select any item from the list below.

Access Hole Cover (AHC™) Ultrasonic (UT) Inspection Tool
Advanced Scale Conditioning Agents (ASCA)
Automated Fuel Inspection System Services
A-VT Molding
Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Services
BOP - In-service Inspections
Bottom Evaluation and Suction Tool
Bufo Bufo – Instrumentation nozzle J-groove inspection technologies
Buried Pipe and Storage Tank Inspection Capabilities
Buried Pipe Inspection Capabilities
Burnable Poison Rod Assembly (BPRA) Handling Tool
BWR Core Shroud Inspection
Chemical Cleaning Services for Biological Fouling
Chemical Decontaminations
Class 1E Medium Voltage Motors & Engineering Services
Class 1E Low Voltage Motors & Engineering Services
Consolidated Deposit Extraction Technology
Control Rod Drive Shaft (CRDS™) Button Measurement Tool
CoolMan Manipulator
Electromagnetic Technology
Emergency Fuel Pool Cooling System
Engineered Leak Rate No. 1 Seal for Reactor Coolant Pumps
European Pump and Motor Shop Services
FlangeBot™ Remote Cleaning and Inspection of the Reactor Vessel Flange
Flux Thimble Cleaning
Flux Thimble Tube Eddy Current Inspection System
Flux Thimble Tube Replacement
Four-faced Fuel Inspection Cavity System
Fuel Assembly Loading Guide
Fuel Assembly Position Verification System
Fuel Assembly Repair
Fuel Identification System (FIDS)
Fuel Transfer Tube Bolt Reduction
Full Scope Refueling Services
Full-System Chemical Decontaminations
Hand Held Reactor Vessel Stud Cleaner and Nut Runner (Patented)
Head Lift Rig and Stud Tensioner Carousel
High Density Polyethylene Inspections
High Efficiency Ultrasonic Fuel Cleaning
High-Flow Backwashable Filtration Systems
High-power Motor Test System
Hydraulically Operated CEA Extension Shaft Coupling/Uncoupling Tool (SCOUT)
Improved Control Rod Drive Shaft (CRDS) Unlatching Tool Valve Station
In-Mast Sipping
In-vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) Service – Double-up Inspection Tool (DUIT™)
Instrument Tube Tie Rod
Intermediate System Chemical Decontamination Skid
Internal Core-spray Examination System (ICESys™)
IntraSpect™ C-MAPPS
Jet Pump Assembly Inside-diameter Manipulating System (JAIMS™)
Lamb Wave Crawler
Mechanical Control Rod Drive Shaft Unlatching Tool
Mechanical Rod Control Cluster Assembly Change Tool
Mini System Chemical Decontamination Skid
Model 5080 Scanner
Motion Assisted Drive Exchange Assembly (MADEA™)
Motor Control Panel
Multi-axis Shroud Ultrasonic Manipulator (MAXSUM™)
Navigator Scanner™
NDE Probes
Nuclear Component Repair Center
Outage Management/Improvement Services
Pressurized Water Reactor Internals Aging Management MRP-227-A Inspection Services
Pump and Motor Field Services
RCCA Eddy Current Inspection (15x15 or 17x17)
RCP Motor Dynamic Port® Oil Sensing Upgrade
Reactor Cavity Services
Reactor Coolant Pump Motor Shop Services
Reactor Coolant Pumps
Reactor Coolant Pump Seals
Reactor Services Training
Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Inspection
Reactor Vessel Nozzle Plugs
Reactor Vessel Stud Enclosure
Reactor Vessel Stud Handling System
Refueling for PWR/BWR Telescope Sipping™ Services
Refueling Tool Maintenance Program
Retractable Finger Spent-fuel-handling Tool
Reverse Osmosis
Rod Control Cluster (RCC) Change Tool
SHIELD® Passive Thermal Shutdown Seal for Reactor Coolant Pumps
SQUID Scanner
ST Max Steam Generator Inspection and Repair Data Management System
Steam Generator Chemical Cleaning (SGCC)
Steam Generator Primary Side Services Product Portfolio
Steam Generator Secondary Side Services Product Portfolio
Steam Generator Secondary Side Water Lancing
Submersible Visual Inspection Platform
Suitcase Eddy Current
SureTrac® Fuel Pool Index System
Tank Inspection Services
Temporary Cooling Systems
Track-mounted ROSA™-based Examination System
Transfer Canal Four-face Fuel Assembly Inspection/Recording System
Turbine Generator Inspection Services
Under-Core Plate Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)
Underwater Decontamination Robot Reactor Vessel (U-DEC™)Pool Cleaning Services
Vacuum Canister Sipping Services
Visual Inspection Services
WesDyne Construction Services
Westinghouse BWR Training Services
Westinghouse Multi-Lift Tool
Wet Annular Burnable Assembly Handling Tool (WABAHT)
Westinghouse Electric Company