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Installation and Modification Services

Balance of Plant Engineering and Component Installation Services
Buried Pipe Products and Services for the Buried Piping Integrity Initiative
Decommissioning Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility
Electrical Discharge Machining
Electrical Discharge Machining Specialized Machining Technology
Electrical Installation, Distribution and I&C at the Vitrification Plant in Karlsruhe, Germany
Electronic Buried Pipe Degradation Evaluation
Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Feedwater Heater Replacement
Field Machining
Field Welding
Guide Card Wear Inspection and Measurements
Guide Tube Flange Weld Inspections
Handling Equipment for Radioactive Waste and Contaminated Material
High-flow Backwashable Filtration Systems
Integrated Hydrogen Control Solutions
Instrument Tube Tie Rod
Main Steam Isolation Valve Refurbishment
Manufacturing Solutions
Mechanical Stress Improvement Process
Metrology Solutions
Mitigation Technology for Reactor Internal Components: Laser Peening
Modification Services – Solutions in Response to Insights from Fukushima Daiichi
Modular Floating Passive Cooling System 300 for Used Fuel Pools
Moisture Separator Reheater
Narrow Groove Welding
Narrow-groove Welding System
Non-reactor Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning Plans
Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning at Fort St.Vrain
Nuclear Research Reactor Decommissioning Plans
Omega 9B™ Machining Tool
Permanent Cavity Seal Rings – Narrow Gap and Wide Gap
Piping and Component Repairs and Replacement
Polyethylene Pipe for Class 3 Nuclear Service
Pressurizer Heater Replacement Services
Qualification of Nuclear Waste Packages
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Solutions
Reactor Vessel Closure Head Replacement
Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Embedded Flaw Repair
Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Repair Contingency Planning
Reactor Vessel Internals Lifting Rig – Replacement or Upgrades
Remote Welding
Replacement Pressurizer
Simplified Head Assembly
Sodium-cooled Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Pressure Vessel Segmentation and Packaging
Spent Nuclear Fuel Conditioning for Final Disposal
Spent Nuclear Fuel Interim Storage Facilities
Strategic Planning and Conceptual Design for Nuclear Waste Management
Structural Weld Overlays
Terminator™ Canister Welding System
T-Sampler Tool
Underwater Laser Beam Welding
Very-Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
Waste Treatment Technologies and Systems
WEC Carolina Energy Solutions
Fossil Plant Construction, Service and Maintenance
WEC Carolina Energy Solutions Fossil, Renewable and Process
Westinghouse Electric Company

Nuclear Services

Engineering Services

Field Services

Manufacturing Operations

Decontamination, Decommissioning and Remediation