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Research & Technology

Primary research and technology development activities at Westinghouse Electric Company which support our commercial nuclear industry clients are carried out by our Science and Technology Department, located at the George Westinghouse Research & Technology Park in Churchill, Pennsylvania. Current research there focuses on five major areas: energy systems, chemical processing, materials and corrosion, materials reliability, and decision analysis.

Many of the scientists and engineers in the Science and Technology Department are among the world's leading experts in their fields. This expertise helps Westinghouse advance nuclear power technology for the benefit of our customers and electricity users worldwide.

In keeping with our continual efforts to integrate our global business to align our organizational capabilities and expertise to more effectively deliver products and services to meet our customer needs, we are pleased to have formed a Materials Center of Excellence. This Materials Center of Excellence has been created to focus on the following:

  • Innovative solutions to materials issues related to operating plant components including the Owners Group initiatives.

  • Provide broader opportunities for personal growth and development.

  • Support of business unit strategic initiatives that require material expertise and solutions.

  • Materials development activities for future products, services and new plant market that may be needed.

  • Growth of business and industry leadership for new material developments, materials issues and degradation of plant components.

The center will draw upon resources from STD and Nuclear Services. Optimizing the use of people, facilities and technologies is a key driver. In addition, this center will be integrated with the Nuclear Fuel Materials Centers of Excellence and the BNFL Materials Research Alliance.


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