Westinghouse SMR Features


Integration into reactor vessel head eliminates the need for a separate component

Steam Generator

Achieves a compact physical envelope with an innovative approach to steam separation

Reactor Coolant Pumps

Proven, horizontally-mounted axial-flow pumps provide the driving head for the reactor coolant system while eliminating the need for pump seal injection

Reactor Vessel Internals

Based on the AP1000® design, the reactor vessel internals are modified for the smaller core and to provide support for the internal control drive rod mechanisms

Reactor Core

Partial-height of the 17x17 fuel assembly design used in the AP1000® reactor

Thermal Output 800 MWt
Electrical Output > 225 MWe
Passive Safety Systems No operator intervention required
for 7 days
Core Design 17x17 Robust Fuel Assembly
8.0 ft / 2.4 m Active Length
< 5% Enriched U235
89 Assemblies
Soluble Boron and 37 Internal CRDMs
24 Month Refueling Interval
Reactor Vessel Size Outer Diameter: 11.5 ft / 3.5 m
Height: 81.0 ft / 24.7 m
Upper Vessel Package 280 Tons / 254000 kg
Containment Vessel Size Outer Diameter: 32.0 ft / 9.8 m
Height: 89.0 ft / 27.1 m
Fully Modular Construction
Reactor Coolant Pumps 8 External, Horizontally-Mounted Pumps
Sealless Configuration
Steam Generator Recirculating, Once-Through, Straight-Tube
Pressurizer Integral to Vessel
Instrumentation and Control OVATION®-based Digital Control System

Product Sheets
Mechanical Shim Operating Strategy and Load Follow Capabilities

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