Operating Plant Products and Services

With global technology and service solutions and a workforce of highly skilled employees at locations around the world, Westinghouse provides a complete range of design engineering, component manufacturing, and major project implementation for nuclear power plants.

We provide a full range of nuclear fuel and operating plant products and services to keep your plants running safely, reliably and efficiently. We are your partner to help you achieve and maintain cost-effective plant operation, meet regulatory requirements, execute plant life extensions and uprates, and realize safe and efficient outage performance.

Our operating plant products and services include:

  • Supply of a complete range of nuclear fuel products 
  • Complete range of Field Services to ensure successful outage completion
  • Design authority for all Westinghouse new and operating Original Equipment Manufacturer plants (including Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactors, ASEA-Atom boiling water reactor  plants, and AP1000® nuclear power plants)
  • Major component design engineering to manage and repair or replace hardware for aging plants and plant life extension
  • Systems, safety and regulatory analyses to support plant upgrades, including regulatory approval, and upratings
  • Manufacturing of precision components, including reactor vessel internals, reactor coolant pumps, cranes, crane components and fuel-handling equipment
  • Management and implementation of plant modification projects, including engineer-procure-construct, welding, decommissioning and dismantling
  • Supply of high-quality replacement and new nuclear plant parts

We apply our excellent innovation process to develop superior technology platforms and use world-class processes and standards to ensure high-quality, error-free delivery.



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