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In addition to being the original equipment manufacturer for many of the world’s PWRs, Westinghouse has supplied products and services to BWRs around the world since 1980.

With 139 operating units, Toshiba and Westinghouse today represent the largest worldwide nuclear operations experience base, with BWRs making up more than 20 percent of our combined OEM fleet. Toshiba’s 17 BWR plants in Japan and Westinghouse’s 9 BWR OEM plants (original ASEA-Atom nuclear steam supply system) in the Nordic region provide a global OEM experience base. Westinghouse has expanded its investment in BWR support in recent years with the addition of BWR-focused engineering offices in San Jose, California..

Our U.S. Boiling Water Reactor Service Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA) is a unique facility for our customers, industry representatives and employees to receive training on the safe maintenance and refueling of BWRs in U.S., and some European, nuclear power plants. The Service Center features a full-scale BWR cavity with vessel, internals, spent fuel pool and refueling bridge, two 33-ton cranes and an undervessel mock-up. Also, located within the facility is a Westinghouse Welding Institute – the company’s second in the United States – to train welders to work in both nuclear and non-nuclear plants.

With BWRPLUS, we provide a one-stop shop for customers who are interested in drawing upon the broad range of products and services that Westinghouse and Toshiba together offer including:

  • Access to a wide array of both Toshiba and Westinghouse technology
  • Optimized project configurations, integrating Toshiba and Westinghouse resources
  • A dedicated team to address your questions and concerns during the project definition and source selection process
  • Project teams with seamless access to critical Toshiba and Westinghouse technical information for planned and emergent issues
Together, the Westinghouse and Toshiba powerful portfolio of products and services can provide safe, reliable, and predictable cost-effective BWR plant operation.

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