Serving Your Communities

At Springfields, we are proud of our excellent long-standing relationship with the local community. As part of the broader nuclear industry in the UK, we contribute to the £100 million spent every year in the nation’s economic supply chain.

Today, the 200-acre site employs around 1,000 people. In addition to being a major employer in the area, Springfields has a history of community involvement and investment ranging from sponsorship programmes for local organisations, schools and charities, to an informative visitors’ programme for both educational and adult group engagement.

Through the Springfields’ Site Stakeholder Group, we ensure that representatives of local community organisations and the public are informed of all issues of importance, interest and relevance relating to the site.

Springfields Site Stakeholder Group

The Springfields Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) meets to discuss issues of importance and interest relevant to Springfields and the local community. The SSG comprises local councillors and council officials, regulatory inspectors (Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency), government agencies such as Food Standards Agency, local emergency services and local environmental groups. Members of the public are invited to attend as observers.

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