Pressurized Water Reactor

The established design of the AP1000® plant offers three distinct advantages over other designs: Unequaled safety, economic competitiveness and improved and more efficient operations.

Based on nearly 25 years of research and development, the AP1000® plant builds and improves upon the established technology of major components used in current Westinghouse-designed plants. These components include:

  • Steam generators
  • Digital instrumentation and controls
  • Fuel
  • Pressurizers
  • Reactor vessels

Simplification was a major design objective for the AP1000® plant. The simplified plant design includes overall safety systems, normal operating systems, the control room, construction techniques, and instrumentation and control systems. The innovative AP1000® plant design features:

  • Fewer safety-related valves
  • Less safety-related piping
  • Less control cable
  • Fewer pumps
  • Less seismic building volume

AP1000 Plant Pre-Construction Safety Report

This generic Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR) is a top-tier document within the suite of documents that are to be produced for the GDA of the AP1000, which collectively justify the safety, security and environmental impact of the AP1000 reactor in a UK context.