Civil Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

The Westinghouse Solution

The BOP and Design Engineering civil structural and geotechnical engineering services is a proven and consistent supplier of civil and geotechnical design and services for power generation, oil & gas, and industrial infrastructure projects. To simplify contracting activities, Westinghouse provides a wide range of civil and geotechnical engineering services from simple engineering staff augmentation to integrated, comprehensive solutions for large, complex civil designs to component replacements and plant-wide modification projects.

Services include:

  • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Reinforced Concrete Structures
    • Steel Structures
    • Deep and Shallow Foundations
    • Equipment Supports and Anchorage
    • Raceway Supports
    • Impact and Missile Barriers
    • Structural Condition Assessment
    • Structural Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Specialty Engineering
    • 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis
    • High Seismic Analysis and Design
    • Site-specific Response Spectra
    • Soil-structure interaction
    • Blast analysis and design
    • Hydrodynamic analysis
  • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Site Characterization
    • Dynamic Properties Evaluation of Soil/Rock
    • Settlement Monitoring
    • Ground Improvement Recommendations
    • Liquefaction Potential
  • Civil/Site Engineering
    • Site Selection Studies
    • Storm water Management
    • Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Major Types of Projects:

CSA Enginneering Software

  • ANSYS™
  • LS-DYNA™
  • InRoads™
  • MicroStation™
  • HydroCad™
  • AutoTurn™
  • Power Generation Facilities
    • Nuclear
    • Fossil
    • New Plant Design
    • Existing Plant Mods
  • Core Power Uprates
  • Steam Generator Replacements
  • Licensing Basis Verification

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Balance of Plant and Design Engineering