Westinghouse Lab Network

The Westinghouse Materials Center of Excellence (MCOE) Hot Cell Facility and accompanying laboratories provide a unique combination of experienced personnel and testing capabilities.

The facility specializes in materials evaluations through laboratory testing of both unirradiated and irradiated materials. Our mission is to provide experimental evidence to support materials and processing solutions for our customers and to support industry technical initiatives.

Westinghouse MCOE has joined Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (NSUF) as a partner facility. Westinghouse is the first industrial organization to join the ranks of NSUF partners. The addition of Westinghouse, a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies, provides NSUF users access to an even wider variety of capabilities for nuclear materials and fuels research.

Our overriding objective is to provide our customers with the data they require in a flexible but safe working environment. We are proud of our superior safety record, which has enabled us to operate continuously for almost 40 years. We have never experienced a stop-work event, and we have not had a lost work-time incident of any kind in over twelve years.

The Westinghouse Gamma Irradiation Hot Cell provides real-time, in situ evaluation of gamma-ray irradiation effects in materials, components and systems. In addition, our nuclear laboratories utilize electronic neutron generator systems to perform prompt gamma and prompt neutron analyses of samples, applicable to composition, fuel characteristic and environmental analysis. Supporting these facilities are world-class radiation transport modeling capabilities, leading to maximum efficiency in experimental design and execution.

The Westinghouse lab facility in Churchill, Pa., also features Electrical Engineering and Chemistry laboratories to support Instrumentation and Control development and chemical process development.

From our lab facilities located in the U.S. and Europe, Westinghouse maintains multiple centers that conduct a range of heat transfer, fluid flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, non-destructive evaluation and testing, and full-scale seismic vibrating testing. We also provide the following test loops:

  • VIPER test loop
  • FACTS test loop
  • ODEN and FRIGGA thermal-hydraulic test loops

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Areas of Expertise

  • Nearly 40 years of site operations with in-depth experience handling and evaluating activated and contaminated materials
  • Comprehensive capabilities for nuclear plant component failure analysis
  • Machining of test specimens from irradiated components
  • Mechanical testing, microstructural characterization, and analytical chemistry laboratories
  • Inclusive cold and hot autoclave facilities for corrosion evaluations
  • Leading experts in surveillance capsule design, fabrication and examination
  • Custom design and fabrication of irradiated materials testing hardware
  • Fuel crud and sludge analysis expertise
  • Radioactive material shipping and disposal expertise
  • Nondestructive evaluation expertise
  • In-situ nuclear radiation effects evaluation
  • Radiation sensor development
  • Neutron irradiation testing