Integrated Outage Model

Efficiency Gains and Cost Reductions

Westinghouse’s complete line of outage services utilizes its OEM experience, skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art technology products to help utilities successfully complete outage campaigns. We have excelled in performing these services for over 40 years, resulting in our customers achieving top-quartile performance, including safe operation, extended component life, and maximized power output.

The acquisition of BHI Energy bolstered these capabilities to include specialty and turnkey maintenance and modification services, full-service valve maintenance, repair, and testing capabilities, staffing services, radiation protection services, full service I&C capabilities, and decontamination & decommissioning services for nuclear facilities across the nation. Combining these capabilities enables Westinghouse to partner with our customers and provide all outage services required within the containment building.

Efficiency Gains and Cost Reductions

Customer Benefits

This partnership allows us to optimize outage schedules and create direct cost savings during outages through execution of self-sufficient, comprehensive outage service scopes. A single team focused on outage excellence with a single point of executive leadership and accountability reduces overall commercial risk due to a single entity contracting model that minimizes barriers and delays between NSSS and MMC.

The Westinghouse Integrated Outage Model's goal is to facilitate safe, event-free, predictable outages that out-perform utility cost and schedule objectives.

  • Improve organizational hand-offs
  • Resolve emergent issues faster through immediate access to support by the Westinghouse Outage Control Center, Engineering and emergent response teams
  • Eliminate service delay cost risks between vendors
  • Maximize critical path schedule efficiencies
  • Reduce/optimize customer involvement levels to enable cost savings
  • Actively participate in outage goal setting with embedded Westinghouse leadership team
  • Simplify communication through reduced layers
  • Provide Outage Optimization innovation and creative solutions for emergent issues

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