I&C and Electrical

Westinghouse performs all aspects of on-line & outage corrective, planned and modification maintenance for instrumentation & controls and electrical systems.

Our trained and qualified I&C-E technicians meet ISA standards and perform protection and control circuit calibrations, data acquisition and analysis, system modifications, circuit troubleshooting and equipment repairs.

We provide an integrated planning and project management program to safely execute our I&C-E projects on schedule and on budget and have successfully supported all the major utilities with electrical and i&c services for both outage and on-line maintenance.

We combine seasoned professional leadership with a highly skilled workforce in a non-union environment as well as under different union labor agreements, giving us the versatility to handle all aspects of the work and oversee all potential sub-contractors.

We have the unique ability to train and qualify our technicians through a performance-based technical training and qualification program. the program meets epri standards and has been accepted as equivalent to several utility training programs. this enables our technicians to work independently of utility supervision and reduces time and cost by minimizing on-boarding training and qualification requirements.

Our integrated process includes extensive pre-planning, hands on work package review and a comprehensive series of management reviews, risk assessments and development of contingency plans to ensure first-time quality.

I & C and Electrical

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I&C and Electrical Flysheet


I&C and Electrical Services

  • MWO reduction
  • Analyzers & analytical instrumentation
  • Implementation procedure writing
  • Transformer preventive maintenance & component testing
  • System Testing services
    • Westinghouse Rod Control
    • Digital Rod Position
    • Solid State Protection Systems
  • I&C System Installation and/or Advisory Support (new and retrofit digital systems)
  • Union and non-union team structures
  • Security equipment maintenance & mods
  • Digital I&C implementations
  • Training services
  • Repair, replacement and calibration services for field mounted instruments and sensors
    • Loose Parts Monitoring Systems
    • Cable & Connector upgrades
  • Preventative & corrective maintenance
  • Implementation testing (test specialists/test engineers III, II, I)
  • Station LI battery & inverter replacements
  • Managed task & staff augmentation
  • Lightning Mitigation: Collection, Prevention and Elimination


I&C Maintenance

  • Instrument Loop Calibrations & Testing
  • Transmitter & Controller Calibration
  • Positioners and I/P, I/E Converters
  • Main Control Board Recorders & Indicators
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Pressure, Temperature & Flow Sensor Calibrations
  • Security Equipment Maintenance: multiplexers, taut wire, cameras, etc.
  • Transformer Protection Circuits
  • Annunciator Replacement
  • Indicators, Transmitters, Transducers & Square Root Extractors
  • Digital Control Systems (DCS)


Electrical Maintenance

  • Calibration and Testing
  • Motor Control Center Maintenance
  • Molded Case Breakers
  • T&D System Engineering Standards Design & Map Development
  • Bus Inspections/Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Battery Charger/Inverter Maintenance
  • Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Temporary Power
  • Low & High Voltage Electrical Terminations
  • Conduit Installation, Cable Pulls & Terminations