Testing Services

Safety in nuclear plants is an essential part of their commissioning.

Westinghouse offers integrated solutions with the aim of verifying the operation capacity of the systems, equipment and components in nuclear plants. The Test Services offered by Westinghouse allow plants to meet the codes and standards required by the strict nuclear regulations, as well as providing a status diagnosis of its components to prevent faults, adjusting its maintenance plans to the real condition of the equipment and assessing its remaining lifespan.

The services provided by Westinghouse cover a wide spectrum including:

  • Leak testing of containment enclosures such as:
    • Local leak testing of enclosure boundary components (LLRT)
    • Integrated leakage testing of containment building (ILRT)
    • Structural integrity of the building (SIT)
  • HVAC (air treatment) system testing, including on site tests and activated carbon laboratory tests
  • Inspection and testing of supports and shock-absorbers
  • Electricity and instrumentation tests