Innovation and Technology Leadership at Westinghouse

We helped pioneer the nuclear industry with the world’s first pressurized water reactor more than 50 years ago.

Since that time we have remained dedicated to the pursuit of technical excellence and innovation.

We are proud to have a vast and varied team of world-recognized technical experts who develop, test and refine Westinghouse technology in engineering disciplines that span the nuclear industry. We perform analysis, experiment, test and refine—all with the aim of supplying the highest quality and most reliable products and services.

Our research and technology organization is composed of experts from a variety of disciplines, including nuclear analysts and experimentalists, heat transfer and fluid engineers, electrical engineering and instrumentation and control specialists, and chemical engineers. They collaborate with the Westinghouse Materials Center of Excellence, along with other centers of development within Westinghouse.

Engineers in the technology development component also perform special, advanced consulting work for world organizations, and provide advanced consultation and guidance in technology-leading activities (accident tolerant fuel, nuclear fuel cycle design and closure, and more).

We strive to continually improve all of our products and services and deliver the most advanced nuclear technology, the most reliable nuclear fuel, and the most innovative plant maintenance technologies.