Westinghouse Parts Business

A leading innovator in the nuclear industry since the very beginning, Westinghouse Parts Business merges the past and the present to create a more reliable future for its customers.

Westinghouse Parts Business

Supplying more than 100,000 nuclear parts and products every year to plants around the world, we provide a full range of components and cost-effective solutions to keep your plants running safely, reliably and efficiently. We are your partner to help you achieve and maintain plant operation, meet regulatory requirements, execute plant life extensions and upgrades and overcome obsolescence challenges.

With an impressive history of more than 40 years of replacing components and upgrading systems for operating nuclear power plants, our organization has the crucial experience needed to keep your new or aging plant operating at its fullest potential. Our dedication to continuous improvement and investment in innovation to develop groundbreaking new solutions for instrumentation and control (I&C), electrical and mechanical systems means that our customers receive premium components that improve plant reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Westinghouse ownership of the original design basis information for Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering (CE) NSSS designs, coupled with our industry-leading equipment dedication processes and qualification testing delivers peace of mind as well as a premium product. We are your partner in maintaining operational dependability and building a culture of operational safety.

Westinghouse is committed to delivering the best in nuclear quality to our customers around the world.