Steam Generator Services

Committed to the long-term operation of PWR steam generators.

Westinghouse has been providing premier, customer-focused steam generator (SG) services for plants worldwide for nearly 50 years. Our vast industry experience, full scope service offerings and excellence in resolution of emergent issues makes us uniquely qualified to execute SG services at your plant.

Our portfolio of products and services, the most extensive in the industry, includes a complete range of primary side, secondary side, chemical cleaning and engineering services.

Westinghouse delivers the most innovative solutions for SG primary side data acquisition and analysis. The ZEPHYR® Advanced Acquisition System combines the proven PEGASYS® technology with enhancements in probe delivery that allows Westinghouse to deliver SG inspections up to 25 percent faster with reduced radioactive waste and reduced outage costs. We provide a total integrated solution to data analysis called TITAN® which includes industry leading auto analysis and auto history compare capabilities.

Our SG secondary side services include a complete range of inspection, maintenance and cleaning services. The development of the Stellar® sludge lancing nozzles has dramatically improved the effectiveness and speed of lancing. Westinghouse has demonstrated the ability to remove hardened sludge throughout the tube bundle with this technology.

Our technology leadership is unsurpassed in the industry and we continue to search for new products to revolutionize SG services.

Through our field services centers of excellence in the United States, Germany and France, supported by more than 60 dedicated SG engineers, Westinghouse is positioned to leverage our global expertise to deliver superior SG services.