Engineered Solutions

Westinghouse has a proven record of innovation in the BWR market.

Westinghouse provides comprehensive engineering solutions to the BWR market, including:

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Power Uprate Support
  • Long Term Operations/Asset Management
  • In-Vessel Repair & Modifications
  • Reactor Component Replacement & Installation

Westinghouse has provided Jet Pump Inlet Mixer Modifications that eliminate vibration at EPU conditions and Replacement Steam Dryers (based on our Nordic BWR fleet design), which provides superior structural and moisture carryover performance, extending asset life for both NSSS and BOP systems. In addition, Westinghouse has adapted technologies from its PWR fleet, including the Mechanical Nozzle Seal Assembly (MNSA) and Leak Before Break (LBB) Analysis, which reduces loads and provides greater tolerance for flaws to the BWR market.

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