Reimagine Your Future. Reshape Tomorrow’s Energy.

At Westinghouse, our mission is to help the world address the challenge of a changing climate by enabling public utilities and local governments to deliver clean, safe, reliable and carbon-free energy. To achieve that mission, we are committed to nurturing our two most inexhaustible sources of potential. The first, of course, is nuclear energy. The second is the collective talents of the people who work here.

That’s where you come in. While we currently employ 9,000 extraordinary people in 19 countries across the globe, we’re always in search of those select individuals who want to maximize their professional skills, initiative and creativity while striving to make a genuine difference in the world.

Does that describe you? If so, we invite you to explore career opportunities with Westinghouse and to consider joining our quest to confront what may be the most compelling test of our time – the need to reimagine, renew and reshape the way we generate tomorrow’s energy.

Leaders Wanted

We’re driven by science and engineering, but don’t let that limit your imagination. If you’re an innovator or creative thinker outside those fields, there are countless opportunities to fulfill your potential in the fields of business administration and development, human resources, law, finance and accounting, marketing and more.

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Engineering Futures

No one knows better than Westinghouse that not all engineers have the same goals, interests and expertise. No matter how you envision your future, we have the projects and resources to create a fulfilling career path for you across the full breadth of engineering fields.

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Manufacturing, Operations and Maintenance

Are you trained in manufacturing, operations and maintenance and looking to use those skills in a world-changing profession? If so, we have the right place to ply your trade. Join our team and help us help utilities around the globe improve operations, maximize power production, manage and limit power outages and deliver clean, safe, reliable energy to their customers.

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