Westinghouse Visitors Center

Welcome to the Westinghouse Visitors Center. Westinghouse welcomes guests to our global facilities.

We are committed to security and compliance as well as protecting the environment and the overall well-being of our employees, visitors and the communities in which we operate.

Whether you are a visitor or an employee, you should know that safety is part of our core values at Westinghouse. By familiarizing yourself with our safety and security protocols, you’ll join the thousands of Westinghouse employees whose top priority is creating an injury-free and accident-free workplace.

Click here to find required safety, restricted/prohibited items and non-disclosure information.

Westinghouse requires non-Westinghouse persons who have been requested to hold unescorted access at U.S. Westinghouse locations to complete General Security Training for Westinghouse sites. Please click here to learn more about our Global Security requirements.