Fuel Handling Equipment & Manufacturing

The Westinghouse site in Shoreview, MN (formerly PaR Systems) is one of the world’s leading providers of Fuel Handling Equipment & Manufacturing (FHEM) equipment for nuclear power plants, complete with design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and training capabilities.

Fuel Handling Equipment & Manufacturing

The Westinghouse FHEM site has been open for over 50 years, providing everything from spare parts and minor modifications to major component upgrades and original equipment for Refueling Machines, Fuel Transfer Systems and Spent Fuel Handling Machines. The site has supported PWRs designed by Westinghouse, CE, Framatome and China, as well as BWRs designed by ABB and GE, meeting the requirements of ASME NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B and ISO 9001.

The 74,000 square foot FHEM site is home to a skilled workforce of mechanical, electrical, software and controls engineers, project managers, fabricators, quality inspectors and other specialists. Westinghouse Shoreview is the only vertically integrated 10CFR50 Appendix B qualified-facility in the United States focused on providing fuel handling equipment for nuclear power plants.

Westinghouse FHEM has unrivaled experience with the largest install base, providing more upgrades than any other vendor. Our proven equipment offers increased reliability, decreased obsolescence and increased fuel moves per hour thereby providing reduced critical path times and dose savings.


Whether a replacement part is needed, a damaged component is found during an outage, the next routine order is being placed or the detailed design is still being determined, Westinghouse has the capabilities and the experience to deliver from our Shoreview facility. For more information, please contact:

Lin Xu, Product Manager 

Michael LaVigne, Product Engineer, Business and Product Development