Partnering for What Comes Next

Empowering your organization to realize your plant’s long-term value and operating capabilities through customized, proven, proactive strategies.

To extend the life of your plant, your organization must make critical investment decisions based on a variety of factors — from economic, infrastructure and material to social and political conditions. But to keep your plant running successfully into the future, you need more than an investment plan. You need a partner.

From targeted tactics to a full suite of strategic solutions, Westinghouse can help you prepare for the long term.

Long-term Planning

To ensure your plant continues delivering reliable, carbon-free energy to your communities for the long term, you need to think beyond current problems and budgeting issues and utilize specialized, long-term strategies.



By leveraging our trusted LTO solutions, you’ll gain access to the innovative, long-term strategies specially tailored to help your plant reduce the burdens on project managers, surveillance, lifecycle planning and security costs while increasing the reliability and ROI of your plant.


Our LTO team is here to help you repair, refresh and modernize assets, giving you the strategies you need to reduce your plant’s O&M costs while employing digital automation and leading-edge equipment to improve the safety and reliability of your plant’s operations.


Westinghouse utilizes a proven three-step approach to collaboratively work with our utility partners to develop a long-term maturity plan:

Step 1:
Planning Maturity Diagnostics

A high-level assessment of your organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses regarding core aspects of long-term operations planning

Step 2:
Planning Workshop

Analysis, recommendations and collaborative development of solutions that will effectively address your organization’s strategic imperatives and goals

Step 3:
Presenting Solutions

Detailed presentation of solutions collaboratively developed from the workshop

LTO Targeted Needs
Targeted Needs

If your organization is looking to increase its plant’s long-term viability, Westinghouse can help. with a full range of flexible, proven long-term offerings, strategies and solutions, your organization can utilize our LTO program for targeted needs — ensuring your plant can continue delivering reliable, net-zero energy into the future.

LTO Products & Services

With our best-in-class offerings, approaches and tools, we’ll show you how to address your plant’s needs comprehensively for today, tomorrow and beyond.


Long-Term Operations



License Extension
  • Westinghouse can aid in assuring license renewal rule requirements are met
    • Risk assessment/Licensing support/Plant analysis
Advanced Digitalization
  • Digitally-enabled services focused on reducing costs & improving equipment reliability
    • Predictive analytics/Intelligent procedures/Parts management/Centralized procurement
Plant Asset Management
  • Optimizing maintenance strategies to maximize ROI while increasing plant reliability
    • Component/I&C replacements & upgrades/Inspection, testing & monitoring
Workforce Optimization/Virtual Fleet
  • Providing experienced resources & training to aid in reducing operating & maintenance costs
    • Resource sharing/Staff augmentation/Training programs
Performance Improvement
  • Developing performance improvement programs to increase plant efficiencies & maximizing plant output
    • Power uprates/Improved fuel technology/Outage optimization
  • Expanding clean nuclear energy applications which supports plant economic viability through generation of hydrogen/radioisotopes, etc.


Case Studies
Extending the life of Eletronuclear’s Angra 1 plant

Westinghouse is collaborating with Eletronuclear to keep its plant viable for a net-zero future.
Learn more about Westinghouse’s upgrades on the Angra 1 Plant.

Angra 1 Plant,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -est. 1985

Westinghouse-designed PWR plant
Enabling continued
operations for an additional 20 years
Implementing projects in several stages by 2030
  • ✔License
  • ✔Asset
  • ✔Performance


Collaborating with Dominion Energy

Upgrading Surry Power Plant to continue delivering net-zero energy to communities.
Learn more about Westinghouse's work with Dominion Energy.

Surry Power Plant,
Surry, VA., U.S. - est. 1972
Helping Virginia meet its 2045 zero-carbon electricity goals
Utilizing Westinghouse's Common-Q™ safety-grade and Ovation™ I&C platforms
Upgrades for 23 safety and non-safety systems
  • ✔ Digital I&C
  • ✔ Software
  • ✔ Design
  • ✔ Installation
  • ✔ Engineering
and more...