Nuclear Power Plant Engineering

Westinghouse has remained focused since the initial commercialization of nuclear power on plant standardization to improve plant safety and economy.

We have been a leader in standardized plant designs that are the foundation of today’s pressurized water reactor operating fleet. The 1970s Combustion Engineering System 80 designs were followed in the 1980s and 90s by the U.S. NRC-certified AP600 and System 80+ plant designs. Both of these designs focused heavily on plant simplification, enhanced safety, and improved operations. In early 2019, Westinghouse completed four AP1000 plants at the Sanmen and Haiyang, China sites. Each site has two AP1000 units, all of which safely and successfully achieved commercial operation. Your nuclear power plant project will benefit from the experience and knowledge Westinghouse has gained from construction of these units and our well established and advanced construction delivery system will promote delivery and construction certainty.

One of the major advantages of the AP1000 plant is that it uses modern, modular-construction techniques. The design incorporates vendor-designed skids and equipment packages, as well as large, multi-ton structural modules and special-equipment modules. Modularization allows construction tasks that were traditionally performed in sequence to be completed in parallel. The modular design promotes efficient site construction, including a shortened construction schedule; reduced field manpower, yielding reduced site congestion and increased site safety; and improved quality through off-site pre‑testing and inspection, yielding less rework.

Westinghouse stands ready to deliver your new power plant project.