Planning and Licensing

During preparation and before starting D&D, a company must take into account the plant’s original design, modifications and specific conditions of operation and history.

It is also very important to have an early understanding of the specific regulatory requirements and to include those in a licensing plan that is sanctioned by the nuclear regulatory authorities.

Westinghouse’s extensive network in Europe, particularly in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, provides a strong knowledge base of local D&D licensing requirements for nuclear power plants, nuclear research reactors and non-reactor nuclear facilities.

Westinghouse is a full-scope supplier that delivers on its promise of working with and supporting customers during all project phases. We provide our customers both expertise and experience based on our integral approach, and we support all the phases of a project, from concept and licensing to implementation and work supervision.

All Westinghouse technologies and systems are designed to meet International Atomic Energy Agency regulations and guidelines, as well as specific legal or environmental requirements of our customer’s respective countries.