Westinghouse Access Equity Grant


The Westinghouse Access Equity Grant Program directs funds to eligible schools to offset the costs of attending science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach events (such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering hosted by Westinghouse Women In Nuclear) at Westinghouse facilities. The goal of the program is to increase the representation of students from underprivileged and underrepresented economic and social groups at Westinghouse-funded STEM programs.


In addition to the eligibility requirements on our Charitable Giving Program Details and Application Process page the following location-based requirements apply to the Westinghouse Access Equity Grant:

  • High Schools in the following counties of southwestern, Pennsylvania are eligible to apply:
    • Allegheny
    • Butler
    • Greene
    • Fayette
    • Washington
    • Westmoreland


The award process will consider the low-income enrollment and other relevant demographics as reported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and by the applicant.

Qualified Expenses

These directed “mini-grants” can be used to cover the costs associated with transporting students to and from the specified Westinghouse-hosted STEM outreach event and for hiring a substitute teacher for the day when necessary.

How to Apply

A school that wants to apply for an Equity Access Grant should compose a proposal containing the following:

  • Cover letter that includes the school's and school district's complete address; the name of the grant (i.e. - Equity Access Grant); the amount of funding requested
  • The school's and/or school district's mission statement
  • A breakdown of the district's student population demographics and any other relevant information for consideration
  • An itemized financial breakdown on how the funds will be used
  • Plans to report event attendance results back to Westinghouse
  • Name of individual in charge of the grant requested
  • A copy of the school district's nonprofit 501(c)-3 status letter or IRS government information letter
  • A copy of the organization's completed W-9 Federal U.S. form
  • Names and affiliations of the board of directors for the district
  • A link to the district's latest audited financial report

Submitting a Proposal

Once you have composed a formal proposal with all the required information, please submit your grant as one PDF to WECgiving@westinghouse.com.

Please contact Sylena Smith with any questions.