Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)

Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)

Pumped Thermal Energy Storage (PTES)

Engineered to Fill the LDES Gap to Enable the Global Energy Transition.

  • Low cost — Offers a lower levelized cost than currently available technology CapEx, OpEx and end of life.

  • Scalable — No topographical or geologic dependencies; can be built anywhere with a fully domestic supply chain.

  • Flexible — Modular solution that can uniquely serve high power needs at both medium and longer GWh durations. Provides grid inertia and other ancillary services.

  • Longest asset life — Unlike lithium or chemical batteries, power generation equipment has no loss in capacity or capability over time.

  • Sustainable — No chemical, fire or safety risks; Long asset operational lifespan (50 years+); low carbon footprint and fully recyclable at end of life.

Proven Technology Currently Being Deployed in First Commercial Applications

Innovative Design Coupled With Tested Technology

Example PTES Site Layout
Example PTES Site Layout

Advanced Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2) Technology

  • Efficient heat pump and heat engine cycle
  • Echogen is a world leader developing sCO2 systems for power generation

Unique, Patented Thermal Storage Solution

  • Engineered concrete thermal batteries
  • Low-cost materials

Proven Components

  • Power turbine and low-temperature compressor are derivatives of existing designs
  • Heat exchangers, piping, valves, controls are of similar design to existing sCO2 systems
  • Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE)

Proven Technology

Thermodynamic cycles transform energy between electricity and heat

Leveraging Existing Equipment and Known Components

Thermodynamic cycles transform energy between electricity and heat

Charging Cycle (Heat Pump)

  • Supercritical CO2 heat pump (refrigeration) cycle
  • Uses electrical power to move heat from a cold reservoir to a hot reservoir
  • Creates stored energy as both “heat” and “cold”

Generating Cycle (Heat Engine)

  • Supercritical CO2 heat engine (power) cycle
  • Uses heat stored in hot reservoir to generate electrical power


Application Example

Application Example