If You Care About Carbon, You Care About Nuclear

Benefits of Nuclear

Nuclear energy plays a key role in the supply of safe, clean and reliable electricity.

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Carbon-Free Energy

Balancing wind, solar and nuclear power will help achieve a carbon-free future and positively impact our changing climate. Over the past 50 years, globally, nuclear power has avoided nearly two years of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions. Imagine how much more carbon pollution we can prevent.

  • Nuclear Energy:
    Provides 55% of the U.S.’s and 14% of the world’s carbon-free energy

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Shaping The Future With Reliable Energy

Solar, wind and nuclear energy are essential to a carbon-free future, but the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. Nuclear power plants are almost always on, delivering the highest availability energy source and operating at maximum capacity more than 90% of the time.

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Safety: Getting The Facts Right

When it comes to creating a more sustainable planet, the need for renewable energy can’t replace the need for safe energy. With nuclear power, you get the best of both worlds.

  • The fact is, it's safe
    Truth is, a person working full-time in a nuclear power plant receives less additional radiation in a year than a flight crew or a business traveler with 250 hours of flying time.

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Product Spotlights

AP1000® PWR

The world's first proven Generation III+ pressurized water reactor and passive safety plant available.

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AP300™ SMR

The AP300™ SMR is the next evolution of the licensed AP1000® technology.

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eVinci™ Microreactor

The next generation small modular reactor for remote applications

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Event Supports Our Strategy to Invest in the Polish Supply Chain

Poland is at a transformational moment as it prepares for a clean energy future – having selected Westinghouse’s advanced AP1000® technology for the first three reactors for its nuclear energy program.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Westinghouse Leads Technical Training Workshop for Key Polish Suppliers Down Selected to Support AP1000® Project

Over six decades ago, Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial reactor. Today, Westinghouse supplies roughly half of the nuclear power reactors operating around the globe. Now, we are venturing to take nuclear to the Moon and the great beyond.

Friday, April 26, 2024
Nuclear Lands at the Next Frontier – Westinghouse Attends the 2024 Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium Spring Meeting