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Advanced Scale Conditioning Agents

The accumulation of deposits in the secondary side of steam generators (SGs) increases the potential for accelerated tube degradation and flow oscillations. As these deposits harden and form crevices, they can cause conditions that lead to tube corrosion. To improve upon traditional mechanical deposit removal techniques and avoid the potential drawbacks of traditional SG chemical cleaning, advanced scale conditioning agent (ASCA) technology was developed in 2000.

Balance of Plant Engineering (BOP) Services

Westinghouse provides balance of plant (BOP) engineering services that deliver solutions across the entire plant. From specialty consulting to integrated, comprehensive solutions for engineering projects, Westinghouse’s BOP engineering and project management teams understand customer needs and address them to optimize plant performance.

General Manufacturing

Westinghouse Electric Canada provides a suite of customized solutions and specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high-reliability, custom-engineered systems for the nuclear industry. Our commitment to nuclear is demonstrated by over 45 years of experience, including more than 2,500 contracts for CANDU® utilities both in Canada and globally.

Kitting Program

Westinghouse’s bulk supply program has one main goal; to save our customers time and money. Rather than purchasing one item at a time, let our team of experts design a bulk solution for your needs. Our dedicated team of engineers, supply chain specialists and technicians create made-to-order kits designed to reduce processing and handling time, overhaul duration and inventory at site.

Reverse Osmosis System

The mobile reverse osmosis (RO) system was developed to address waste reduction following advanced scale conditioning agent (ASCA) applications. Coupling Westinghouse RO waste reduction with ASCA applications allows customers to meet their steam generator cleaning and waste reduction needs through a single service provider.