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Computerized Procedures System

Background Computerized procedures were developed to help operators execute normal and emergency operating procedures. Westinghouse has designed, developed and implemented a datadriven, software-based computerized procedures system (CPS) that guides operators through plant operating procedures. It monitors plant data, processes the data and then, based on this processing, presents the status of the procedure steps to the operator. The system can be used for normal operating procedures, abnormal operating procedures and emergency operating procedures. Computerized procedures allow the operator and computer to complement each other for more accurate and efficient procedural execution.

Critical Control System Modeling and Tuning

Analog and digital control systems frequently perform poorly due to improperly selected control setpoints that resulted from on-the-fly tuning. To help address tuning problems, Westinghouse has developed a Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS)/Feedwater (FW) control system & plant model for use in modeling evaluations. It can also be used for support of on-site control system tuning. The NSSS/FW control system model has been developed for use with Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering (CE), and non-Westinghouse designed plants worldwide.

Feedwater Control System Upgrades

Since the late 1980s, industry data has consistently identified the feedwater system as one of the top two major system contributors to the number of automatic reactor trips, with poor feedwater control as a significant root cause. In response, Westinghouse has provided leading feedwater control upgrade technology as the basis for numerous retrofits currently operating in dozens of nuclear units worldwide, dating back to its first wave of digital upgrades in the late 1980s that initially utilized the WDPF® Instrumentation and Control (I&C) platform.

Turbine Control and Protection

Westinghouse has developed common turbine control solutions for pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs). The highly reliable Westinghouse turbine control protection system (TCPS) provides redundant control functions such as speed and overspeed control, load control, steam pressure control, valve testing, frequency control and turbine protection. The base control system can easily be expanded to provide additional functionality such as automatic turbine startup (ATS), moisture separator reheat (MSR) and the generator monitoring and turbine protection system (TPS).