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ASME & Safety-Related Component Supply

"The Westinghouse Nuclear Components Manufacturing (NCM) facility in Newington, New Hampshire has been producing large ASME Code and safety-related nuclear components for over 40 years. First of a Kind (FOAK), complex, and high-precision products are continually delivered to schedule and contractual financial requirements. "

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Westinghouse has been manufacturing nuclear components at our Newington, New Hampshire Nuclear Components Manufacturing (NCM) facility for over 40 years. A key differentiator that enables the repeated successful performance of challenging manufacturing projects at NCM is the emphasis on upfront manufacturability and prototyping collaboration.

Non-Destructive Examination Services

Westinghouse has been producing complex, high integrity equipment at our Nuclear Components Manufacturing (NCM) facility in Newington, New Hampshire for over 40 years. This activity requires a robust Quality Assurance (QA) program and extensive inspection and nondestructive examination (NDE) capabilities. Let our Level II and Level III NDE Inspectors and other highly experienced personnel handle your outsourced NDE needs.

Water Jet Services

Westinghouse Electric Company now offers access to the largest state-of-the-art water jet machining center in the Northeastern United States, providing clients with a faster cutting solution for a wide array of material types, sizes and thicknesses. Customers can now have their large or difficult projects completed in a fraction of the time and cost.

Westinghouse Advanced Manufacturing

Background Westinghouse is known around the world for game-changing technologies and innovation. We are maintaining that legacy today by making notable strides in the research, development and implementation of advanced manufacturing solutions for the nuclear industry. With these advanced technologies, Westinghouse is developing new products and services to provide innovative solutions for our customers. These technologies are driven by safety, quality and manufacturing excellence, and are resulting in lead-time and manufacturing cost reductions.