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Genetec™ Security Center Omnicast

Genetec Security Center is a truly unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and communications within one intuitive and modular solution. By taking advantage of a unified approach to security, your organization becomes more efficient, makes better decisions, and responds to situations and threats with greater confidence.

ICH-5 Thunderforce Video Camera

Cameras play a key role in the safety of workers and equipment in the nuclear industry. They are used to remotely monitor activities such as job coverage, personnel monitoring, fire watch, dose reduction, inspections, and monitoring of controls, gauges, and site glass. Due to the ever-changing demands for video quality, usability and the obsolescence of components, Westinghouse has launched its latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) compact and robust high definition (HD) pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) video camera; the ICH 5 Thunderforce Camera.

Milestone XProtect® Corporate

XProtect Corporate is IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, highsecurity installations that demand situation awareness of any event and uninterrupted access to live or recorded video. Providing endto-end protection of video integrity, while maximizing hardware performance, Xprotect Corporate uses its central management platform, built-in video wall and support for failover recording servers to provide an integrated and flexible video management system.

Q-Box Wireless Heat Stress Monitor

The Q-BOX is a single, easy-to-mount package that utilizes a QUESTemp-44 and a 900MHz transmitter to monitor the local environment. The QUESTemp-44 utilizes a Waterless Wet Bulb sensor designed for working environments where daily instrument upkeeping is difficult.

Remote Robotic Cavity Cleaning

Westinghouse provides remote robotic cavity cleaning services to reduce personnel radiation exposure and risks, human performance errors, source term and critical path schedule.

RMS Telemetry Software

Our telemetry monitoring software package provides an easy to use, reliable, comprehensive monitoring solution for radiological safety monitoring activities. The program suite includes system administrative features for configuration and setup in addition to telemetry viewing programs: RMS Table and RMS View.

RMS-DACP Dose & Air Activity Check Point

The Dose & Air Activity Check Point displays real time radiological data in an easy to view format on a mobile all-in-one system display. Westinghouse’s RMS software runs the application on the built-in PC and connects to area monitors and/or air activity monitors via wired or wireless connection.

Virtual Communication Matrix Software - VCOM

The VCOM virtual matrix software solution provides the capability for any desktop computer with a headset to communicate with all your communication devices – wireless intercoms, (RADs, HME, Pliant, Tempest, and Telex), speaker stations, SIP speaker stations, analog phones, 2- way radios, etc