Configuration Management Interface System – 10CFR50.59/72.48 Module

The Westinghouse Solution

The Configuration Management Interface System (CMIS)TM is a paperless, web-based solution to implement and manage engineering deliverables for the nuclear industry. The main feature of the application is CMISDP (Design Process), which implements the U.S. Standard Design Process (IP-ENG-001).

The CMIS TM 10CFR50.59/72.48 Licensing Module provides a robust, up-to-date software solution for the preparation and review of engineering documents, allowing for the self-approval of changes to the facility (as defined by the FSAR for the plant/ISFSI installation). The module is available within the CMIS TM application and integrates with CMISDP to link 10CFR50.59/72.48 reviews to the parent engineering change.