Customer Collaboration Center


Westinghouse’s next-generation Customer Collaboration Center (C3) takes the work and worry out of managing engineering servers for your Westinghouse-licensed technologies. Users are free to create a specialized computing environment on systems that conform to strict Westinghouse standards, thereby producing dependable, reliable and consistent results.

C3 is a Network Management Service (NMS) that:

  • Provides the computing server resources when you need them…without the burden of maintaining them
  • Provides a controlled computing environment, matching a Westinghouse Reference System…without you lifting a finger
  • Manages technology advancements…just by logging on


Improvements in communications now let users of Westinghouse technology take advantage of the latest C3 capabilities. C3 replaces onsite workstations for Westinghouse-licensed codes with a compute cluster built to the same stringent specifications as those used by Westinghouse engineers. User access is provided via an encrypted connection over a virtual private network (VPN) to a dedicated login server, providing privacy and protection for the user data. Westinghouse computing professionals maintain the compute cluster that serves the needs of hundreds of users located around the world, based on a proven and reliable technology.


C3 is an NMS that:

  • Minimizes the impact of failure through redundancy
  • Provides computing capacity, which is scalable to match required computing needs
  • Eliminates the user’s burden of procuring and maintaining engineering servers

Minimizes Impact of System Failure

Westinghouse C3 minimizes the impact of system failure through the use of load-sharing technology. If a system fails, other systems handle the tasks, minimizing unexpected downtime.

Increases Computing Capacities

Greater computing capacity than stand-alone servers is provided through the use of a load-sharing compute cluster giving the ability to spread the load across multiple servers. Westinghouse C3 can also provide supplemental production capacity beyond the base allocation when required (such as emergency redesign).

Eliminates Need for Server Procurement and Maintenance

Westinghouse maintains all agreements for hardware procurement and maintenance for each operating system. Westinghouse C3 administers hardware maintenance, updates to the operating-system and licensed Westinghouse technology, regular data back-up and day-to-day computer operations.

What’s in the Box?

  • QA Support
    • Maintenance records of all configuration-management activities to Westinghouse standards, providing traceability of delivered software revisions to verified and validated reference systems
    • Installation of new releases to user-licensed Westinghouse design codes for Westinghouse technology transfer customers, with the customer retaining selection of version for production use
    • StatePoint™ Server Integrity Monitoring System to monitor and detect system departures from normal
    • Operating system maintenance to a Westinghouse reference-system level
  • Computing HardwareDedicated login server, customized for the individual user’s organization
    • Compute servers, providing the power to do the calculations using load-sharing technology
    • Multiple servers that provide 24/7 availability
    • Protection of data from other organizations
  • Customer SupportAccess to 24/7 hotline service to respond to user needs
    • Access to Westinghouse experts in UNIX/Linux-based computing for consultation
    • Customer ability to print and archive date
Customer collaboration center

Customer collaboration center


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