eVinci™ Microreactor: Helping Communities to Grow

with emissions free and reliable heat and power generation

What does reliable and clean energy mean?

  • Energy ownership and energy sovereignty for community members
  • Increased safety and comfort for all community members, in all weather conditions
  • Economic development, job creation and self-generated revenue
  • Using clean heat and power for: district heating, hydrogen generation, water purification, electric vehicles and machinery, greenhouses and aquaculture

Environmental Benefits and Safety:

Completely emissions free, reliable energy source in all weather conditions and temperatures

  • Requires no water for cooling or operation
  • Above ground installation requires minimum ground disruption with around 2 acre site footprint
  • Spent fuel returned to manufacturer and never stored on site
  • Seamless pairing with wind, solar and hydro
  • Transportability in shipping containers allows for easy and quick deployment, scalability & removal
  • Complete return to greenfield after removal
  • Each eVinci microreactor will reduce up to 55,000 tonnes of CO2/year