eVinci™ Space Microreactor: Enabling Sustained Human Presence Beyond Earth

Enabling Sustained Human Presence Beyond Earth

Resilient, safe and continuous power

The world is gearing up for our next visit to the moon - but this time we plan to stay. It's time to grow, innovate, and build sustainable habitats beyond our planet.

The moon has critical elements required for deep space exploration including water, rocket fuel, hydrogen, and oxygen which can be used to supply difficult missions to Mars and beyond. The eVinci Space Microreactor provides the energy security necessary for humans to thrive on the moon and continue the exploration of the solar system.

Nuclear Energy will enable key lunar mission objectives:

  • Lunar Surface Operations
  • Infrastructure builds
  • Transportation and Habitat
  • Science and Research
  • Growing U.S. capabilities and leadership in the global space economy

eVinci Space Microreactor technical capabilities:

  • 40kWe generated from advanced UN (Uranium Nitride) fuel scalable up to 2MWe
  • 10 years of continuous safe power
  • Mass efficient and compact for space transport and deployment
  • Resilient and fault tolerant design for extreme operating environments
  • Heat pipe technology coupled with Brayton Cycle engine and no moving parts

Backed by 130+ years of Westinghouse nuclear power design and operating experience.

We are your energy partner of choice, helping to position our Nation as the global leader in space exploration, science, and technology innovation.

eVinci™ Space Microreactor