Kitting Program


Spare parts are critical to plant operations; having the right parts at the right time, lowers ownership total costs, while reducing plant downtime risks.

Westinghouse’s bulk supply program has one main goal; to save our customers time and money. Rather than purchasing one item at a time, let our team of experts design a bulk solution for your needs. Our dedicated team of engineers, supply chain specialists and technicians create made-to-order kits designed to reduce processing and handling time, overhaul durations and inventory at site. Our custom spare parts kits are flexible and range from routine maintenance tasks and overhauls to one-time rebuilds while also addressing obsolescence.


A spare part kit is delivered as a single item on a just-in-time basis for a planned maintenance or overhaul task. The contents are fully customizable and can contain both required and contingency parts.

The kit is consumed by our customers and then returned to Westinghouse for refilling, and more than one kit can be in circulation depending on the demand cycle. Once the model is established, customers only need to pay for what is consumed rather than paying for a full kit each time.

Westinghouse’s Kitting Program enables an efficient approach to customer operations and can result in up to 50% shorter maintenance windows.

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined assessing process for maintenance activatities
  • Obsolescence is managed as part of the Kitting Program
  • Reduced station inventory requirements
  • Decreased maintenance duration due to improved parts availability
  • Significant efficiencies in supply chain, quality assurance and inspection as compared to traditional parts procurement
  • Fully complaint to station QA requirements and traceability standards