Low- and Intermediate-level Radioactive Waste Management


Westinghouse has extensive global experience in the design, licensing, construction supervision and operational support of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste management facilities. The types of facilities that process both low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste typically must meet two fundamental objectives: providing immediate and deferred protection for both people and the environment and allowing the site to eventually be used freely and without radiological limitations. Westinghouse design for the disposal process is based on a multiple-barriers system that accomplishes both objectives.


With more than 50 years of global experience in supplying proven, innovative design and fabrication to the nuclear industry, Westinghouse has earned a reputation for providing high-quality nuclear services. By fully using its expertise and an integral approach, Westinghouse is able to support its customers throughout the entire planning process, including development of a concept, licensing, implementation and work supervision. Westinghouse’s support extends to the decommissioning and dismantling market, demolition and waste management for gas-cooled reactors, pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors.

Disposal Cells Operation


Westinghouse engineering solutions reduce disposal costs and provide a high level of safety. Westinghouse also has the necessary capabilities to, in the most effective way possible, provide single point accountability for all areas of spent nuclear fuel handling nuclear waste treatment and conditioning, engineering, and project. Our capabilities include:

  • Project management
  • Process system design and analysis
  • Nuclear safety and analyses
  • General plant engineering, layout and installations
  • Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering and design
  • Equipment and systems test


Westinghouse has experience with a wide range of engineering projects for Spain’s national repository and has also conducted feasibility studies and conceptual designs for Bulgaria, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia. Because of its extensive international experience, Westinghouse is able to address different regulatory criteria and approaches as well as requirements and licensing processes.