Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Plans

Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Plans


Nuclear power plants that are no longer operating due to economic factors, licensing issues, end-of-life components or other reasons are candidates for decommissioning and dismantling (D&D), followed by site restoration.

Decommissioning plans are the most fundamental aspect of this activity. They lay the foundation for everything that follows from strategies to address waste, to cost-effective methods for dismantling and restoration.


Westinghouse has more comprehensive knowledge of practical work and licensing requirements for D&D than most scope-specific providers. We are unique as owner of decommissioned assets for which we have performed the entire D&D process. Our ability to leverage lessons learned to reduce cost and risk for our customers places us at the forefront of the market in estimating capability and innovative strategies for cost improvement and efficient project performance.

Westinghouse capabilities include:

  • Decommissioning planning and licensing
  • Plant radiological characterization
  • Decontamination planning and execution
  • Reactor internals segmentation
  • Primary and main components removal
  • Waste management treatment, handling and packaging
  • Design of waste interim storage and disposal facilities
  • Dismantling and demolition specifications
  • Site restoration


Westinghouse has extensive experience with D&D implementation in nuclear power reactors throughout the world. Westinghouse has planned and performed decommissioning plan services in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia and other countries, each with different regulatory regulations and reactor design.

The scope of Westinghouse’s experience in decommissioning planning includes, but is not limited to:

  • General plant description - for comparison
  • Plant characterization
  • Technical platform - proven techniques
  • Material and activity inventories
  • Waste handling
  • Waste volume estimates
  • Decommissioning and dismantling strategy
  • Staffing plan
  • Decommissioning planning
  • Cost estimates