OptiLife™ Service Center

OptiLife™ Service Center

Digital Engineering Services

Around the globe, utilities need a better, smarter way to make informed decisions: ones that minimize outages, lower costs, increase energy output and broaden profit margins. With Westinghouse’s OptiLifeTM Service Center, our dedicated experts make data-driven management more efficient — and effective — than ever.

38% Cost Savings

Utilities do it for $1.6M; we can do it for $1M, saving you 38% in annual procurement engineering costs.


Proven Value

Shrink Costs

  • $9.30M in one-time online maintenance savings
  • $1.08M in reduced annual procurement engineering costs
  • $720K in total maintenance savings (after outage scope freeze)

Save Time

  • 3,937 maintenance hours removed (after outage scope freeze)
  • 57,000 maintenance hours saved (over 4-year window)
  • 96% reduction in “walk-up” procurement engineering requests
  • 17% reduction in procurement engineering deliverables by eliminating non-value adding work


Key Takeaways

Nuclear Optimized

Westinghouse’s in-house engineering team leverages decades of industry experience and knowledge, along with global data, to enhance predictive and preventive maintenance, obsolescence management and other functions.

Nuclear Digitalized

Westinghouse’s experts apply automated analytical techniques to a data set — collected from hundreds of international plants — visualizing information and fueling smarter business decisions.

Nuclear Streamlined

By partnering with Westinghouse’s engineers, utilities can intelligently reallocate capital, effectively streamlining resource usage while increasing overall plant viability.