Parts Quality Program Testing and Inspection

The Westinghouse Solution

INPO IER 21-4 recommends the implementation of a sustainable parts quality process that considers an item’s consequences of failure or degradation to address a steady trend of equipment-related consequential events in the industry. The Westinghouse Parts Quality Program (PQP) was developed under our world-class Quality Program and leverages Westinghouse’s extensive nuclear plant component and system knowledge, parts engineering expertise and specialized testing capabilities to deliver on the INPO Parts Quality Recommendation.

The 100,000 sq. ft. Westinghouse Parts Business technical center in New Stanton, PA (USA) is fully equipped and ready to supply original Westinghouse parts in line with your site Parts Quality Initiative.

Customer Benefits

  • Technical Advantages o System and component design knowledge, specialized test equipment, and experienced resources make sure appropriate tests are performed on Westinghouse parts
  • Logistics Cost and Schedule Improvements o The utility typically receives a part, inventories it, ships it to the 3rd party testing facility, receives it back, and warehouses it again
    • 8+ weeks schedule improvement by choosing Westinghouse PQP parts
  • Failure Returns Costs Eliminated o Westinghouse handles oversight for failed/returned parts eliminating cost and burden on the customer
  • Westinghouse determines appropriate inspections and tests based on item function and application, and supplies a Test Report with the order

Westinghouse can provide optional PQP scope on any parts offer upon request.


  • Westinghouse provides inspection and performance testing for the entire US Nuclear Fleet and 75% of global utilities
  • Westinghouse is an industry leader in Commercial Grade Dedication and nuclear component manufacturing, for 50,000+ parts each year
  • Westinghouse maintains an extensive library of over 4,000 CGD plans, plus original shop orders, manufacturing specifications, and system and component design information dating back to original plant construction
  • Westinghouse dedicates over 125 experienced engineers and technicians to supporting high-quality parts engineering, inspection and test activities



Westinghouse technology is fundamental to nearly 50% of the world's nuclear reactors. Now, that same trusted expertise is delivering the services and parts to meet the needs of 100% of the nuclear plants across the globe.


Westinghouse has capabilities, capacity, and experience testing a wide variety of electrical, I&C and Mechanical parts.

Electrical Equipment:

  • Medium & low voltage distribution switchgear, breakers, breaker & switchgear parts, trip units, MCCBs
  • Control components: relays & switches
  • Motor control centers (MCCs), contactors, stabs, contacts
  • Distribution devices: transformers, insulators, cable, bus bars
  • Electrical enclosures, conduit, conduit fittings, lugs

I&C Equipment:

  • Power supplies and circuit boards,
  • I&C logic cards
  • Sensors, detectors, meters, instrument switches
  • I&C cabinet assemblies
  • Cable, cable assemblies, connectors, penetrations

Mechanical Equipment:

  • Mechanical seals, gaskets, o-rings
  • Fasteners, pins, plugs, piping, rigging
  • Valves, valve parts, actuators and parts
  • Motors, motor parts, bearings, gauges
  • Reactor vessel and CRDM parts

From Westinghouse’s proprietary innovations to designs around the world

Westinghouse has a rigorous commercial-grade dedication process and a robust quality assurance program for detecting and monitoring counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect replacement parts and components. And our industry-leading experts are available 24/7 to support your plant needs.