Preventive Maintenance Optimization

The Westinghouse Solution

Westinghouse is uniquely positioned to help nuclear utilities implement and maintain an industry leading Preventive Maintenance Program based on its engineering expertise, data analysis capabilities, and ongoing technical support for plant maintenance and operations.

Westinghouse is experienced in applying a data focused approach to implement consequence biased preventive maintenance strategies to its customer as part of the OptiLife™ Service Center. By leveraging Industry Preventive Maintenance (“PM”) data, Westinghouse can efficiently benchmark a Site’s Preventive Maintenance program off Industry best practices, ensuring the right work is being done at the right time on the right equipment. A focus of the service is removing unnecessary maintenance, which not only provides man-hour and material savings, but reduces the likelihood of maintenance induced failures or premature part failures.

Customer Benefits

Over the past decade, Westinghouse has continued to develop its Preventive Maintenance Optimization services to align with advancing Industry goals and Customer needs to stay competitive in a challenging energy market. By utilizing living PM data from the worldwide industry, Westinghouse can efficiently identify areas for optimization in a target site’s PM Program. Coupled with this unique data set is experienced engineers and project management who provide the site with a strong technical deliverable tailored to their PM Change process, with minimal impact on site resources.

Westinghouse has applied Preventive Maintenance Optimization Services to the industry with success on a variety of PM scopes that are focused on site/fleet priorities: Outage Scope (before and after scope freeze), Craft focused reviews to align supply/demand (I&C), Upcoming Online Scopes (upcoming 4 years), Component Type focused reviews (AOVs, Breakers), Surveillance Test Interval Extensions, 50.69 Alternative Treatments (EQ), application of Predictive Maintenance strategies, and comprehensive PM program reviews.

Key Attributes

  • Utilizes Industry PM data to leverage Industry OE to provide Consequence Biased PM reduction recommendations (Aligning with IER-21-004)
  • Flexible service that can be applied to any time based maintenance scopes and has achieved significant savings in terms of material and manhours throughout the Industry on PWR, BWR, CANDU, AGR, and VVER Reactor types
  • Westinghouse Engineers obtain remote access to minimize impact to site resources, providing a comprehensive PM Basis update justifying the PM change
  • Ability to incorporate existing continuous online monitoring (COLM) to provide Predictive Maintenance strategy recommendations
  • Westinghouse process drives approved PM recommendations to completion through implementation support to ensure value is realized.