Radiological Engineering Analyses

The Westinghouse Solution

The Westinghouse BOP and Design Engineering Radiological Engineering Analyses team is comprised of specialists with extensive technical and licensing backgrounds covering the disciplines of radiological engineering, nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and physics. Most of the engineers have over 30 years of experience in the nuclear power industry and were part of the Balance-of-Plant (BOP) Architect Engineering (AE) teams that were responsible for putting numerous nuclear power plants online. The team provides support to both advanced reactor designs as well as the fleet of U.S. operating nuclear power plants.

Services Include:

  • Radionuclide Inventory in the Core, Coolant ProcessSystems, and Components
  • Gamma Radiation Shielding Analyses
  • Gamma Radiation Scatter through Penetrations /Labyrinths
  • Radiation Zoning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Building Airborne Radioactivity Levels
  • Ventilation Design to Control Airborne RadioactivityLevels
  • Accident and Normal Operation RadiationEnvironments for Equipment Qualification
  • Normal Operation Radiological Release and DoseCalculations
  • Accident Dose Consequences Using Traditional andAlternate Source Term Methodology
  • Control Room / TSC Habitability (Radiological andToxic Chemical Releases)
  • Operability Assessments Supporting Control RoomHabitability and Dose Consequences
  • Fission Product / Aerosol Transport (e.g., Sprays, Plateout, Gravitational Settling, Diffusiophoresis, etc.)
  • Post Accident Mission Doses
  • Process Design and Shielding of Severe-AccidentRadioactivity Treatment Systems (Fukushima)
  • Radiation Monitor Sensitivity / Range / Setpoints
  • High Density Fuel Racks
  • Energy Deposition due to Gamma Heating
  • ALARA Evaluations
  • Radwaste System Design
  • Third-Party Independent Peer Reviews
  • Emergent Operational Assessment

Major Types of Projects:

  • Core Power Uprates
  • Implementation of Alternative Source Terms
  • Steam Generator Replacements
  • Control Room Habitability
  • Licensing Basis Verification

Radiological Analysis Software

  • MCNP™
  • SCALE™
  • PERC2™
  • SW-NAUA™
  • Westinghouse Proprietary Codes

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