Resilient, Emission-free Power for Data Centers

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The Westinghouse Solution

The eVinci™ Microreactor's innovative design combines new technology advancements with 70+ years of commercial nuclear design and engineering, creating a cost-competitive and resilient source of zero-emissions power with superior reliability and minimal maintenance. Its small size allows for transportability and rapid, on-site deployment, while its scalability meets the unique needs of each application to ensure safe, reliable power generation. eVinci can produce 5MWe with a 15MWth core design. The reactor core is designed to run for at least eight years at full power before refueling.

Customer Benefits

The reactor is factory built and delivered to customer site allowing for rapid installation. Multiple units can be deployed simultaneously or added as the site grows in order to fulfill changing energy needs. The eVinci microreactor can also be integrated to complement existing power sources such as renewables and energy storage systems.

After 8+ years of operation, a replacement reactor is brought to site, with the spent fuel reactor removed and refueled at a Westinghouse facility. Once the reactor is refueled, it can be deployed to the same or alternate site for an additional 8+ years of power.

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eVinci Microreactor Key Benefits

  • Factory assembly enables rapid deployment and capability to provide power behind the meter
  • Reliable energy source in all temperatures and weather conditions
  • Each unit operates independently allowing for multi-unit resilience and redundancy
  • Scalability allows for addition of power as facility energy needs grow
  • Load-following and load-shed capabilities within milliseconds
  • Above ground installation with no water required for operation allows for flexible deployment location

eVinci microreactor