Specialized Structural Analysis and Design Capabilities


Westinghouse provides full-scope structural capability, including seismic and dynamic analysis and design to address utility needs for both nuclear safety-related and conventional industrial buildings and structures.

Westinghouse has a long history of providing innovative solutions for specialized customer needs to meet code, regulatory, and other unique requirements.

With its vast experience in power plant design and implementation, Westinghouse has the expertise to develop, plan, and perform state-of-the-art analysis and the know-how to implement practical solutions.


Westinghouse has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Seismic in-structure response spectra (ISRS) and site-specific time history development
  • Modal superposition and time history analysis of buildings, systems, and components
  • Seismic fragility development
  • Soil-structure interaction analysis (SSI)
  • Dynamic and non-linear analysis (3D ANSYS®/LS-DYNA®/ABAQUS®) of concrete, steel, and composite structures
  • Impact and missile barrier design and analysis
  • Tornado and hurricane wind and missile
  • Accidental explosion design and analysis
  • Coupled thermal-structural analysis, including fire effects on building structures
  • FLEX (flexible strategies to protect against extended loss of power resulting from beyond design basis events) evaluation and strategy
  • Aircraft impact analysis and structural design optimization
  • Experienced seismic and structural experts for peer review


Westinghouse has been advancing the nuclear industry since its inception more than 50 years ago. Due to its extensive nuclear power plant design experience in domestic, international, and new plant technology, Westinghouse has the unique ability to integrate its expertise in structural design, analysis, and testing to develop creative solutions.

With its vast experience in passive nuclear power plant design and implementation, Westinghouse has the expertise to address specialized needs in current and future generation nuclear plants and modern industrial structures.

Westinghouse is able to provide a full-scope integrated approach by teaming with other experts within our organization and the ability to leverage our experience and commitment to quality to develop unique solutions.


Our broad experience includes expertise in state-of-the-art analysis tools, such as ANSYS®, LS-DYNA®, and ABAQUS® FEA software products. Our solid modeling expertise and database management tools allow for applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) methods where useful.

Recent nuclear power plant experience includes the AP1000® nuclear island design and analysis, involving seismic time history and ISRS development; accident thermal evaluation; tornado missile evaluation; aircraft impact analysis; seismic fragility development using EPRI, ASCE, ANS/ASME requirements.

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ISRS of Power Plant StructureISRS of Power Plant Structure

ISRS of Power Plant Structure

Aircraft Impact AnalysisAircraft Impact Analysis

Aircraft Impact Analysis

Soil-Structure Interaction Foundation Modeling

Soil-Structure Interaction Foundation Modeling

Missile Impact Analysis of a Piping Configuration

Missile Impact Analysis of a Piping Configuration

Stress and Concrete Shrinkage Evaluation of a Complex Composite StructureStress and Concrete Shrinkage Evaluation of a Complex Composite Structure

Stress and Concrete Shrinkage Evaluation of a Complex Composite Structure