Staff Augmentation & Owners Engineer Services

The Westinghouse Solution

Owners need augmented technical and managerial support from time to time to support both planned projects and emergent plant issue(s). Staff or management augmentation support to our clients can take various forms and can accommodate diverse options unique to the client’s organization and situational needs. Clients who want to maintain a “right sized” core organization will augment it with technical resources when necessary to accommodate unplanned emergent issues. For longer-term, non-reoccurring Capital projects rather than staffing up and developing the attendant infrastructure, the client will augment their organization with additional technical/managerial staff.

Tasks and projects can be client or contractor directed and executed by integrated teams. In other cases, clients can maintain their oversight through the eyes and expertise of an Owners engineer to represent them throughout the various phases of a project.

Seconded Personnel

Provide qualified personnel and assign them to the client who will provide supervision and day to day direction and where the responsibility for completion and quality of the work product resides with the client.

Managed Tasks

Work under the direction of the client on a task basis to complete tasks as a project. We manage the work on a day-to-day basis and are responsible for budget, schedule, and quality. These projects are usually shorter in duration and are to augment the client’s workforce.

Integrated Tasks

Provide integrated support to the client. In this arrangement, we integrate our personnel with that of the client to complete the task or project. The client or Westinghouse can manage the team. These projects tend to be enterprise projects having high-risk and utilizing an approach where strong client integration/communication is critical.

Owners Engineer

The term “Owner’s Engineer” (OE) describes the process where the owner of an existing or new facility, has insufficient, or unavailable resources or does not want to staff the project fully utilizing their internal engineering, and management resources. However, the OE can operate more independently and as such the OE may contractually act as an Agent and represent the owner during financing, contracting, design development, procurement, construction, startup, and commissioning.

During each of these phases, the OE will oversee the work and advise the owner on estimates, schedules, and technical matters and confirms that work and the work products conforms to the contract, codes and standards and legal criteria.

Acting as a third party, the OE is an advocate for the owner applying due diligence and the required expertise to address any issue. This allows the client to maintain its core resources and mission.

Balance of Plant and Design Engineering