System Support Services (S3)


S3 is an integrated Westinghouse I&C technical support program through which our customers are provided with access to platform and application-specific Subject Matter Experts (SME) who can quickly respond to emergent I&C issues, as well as address long-term system planning and performance objectives.


Westinghouse System Support Services (S3) is an integrated, scalable, post-delivery technical support program available to Westinghouse Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system customers. S3 provides a coordinated means to address emergent I&C platform and application-related questions or issues quickly and effectively. Additionally, proactive services can be included to ensure continued optimal I&C system performance.

S3 Program features:

  • Ability to submit support requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Ability to easily connect with cognizant support personnel
  • Integrated capture and communication of issue information
  • Coordinated support between Westinghouse and key sub-suppliers
  • Timely issue response and resolution by a knowledgeable Westinghouse engineer


Benefits to establishing an S3 support program that includes both the basic support modules and extended service modules include:

  • Certainty: One number to call to assure prompt service responses.
  • Avoidance of error likely situations by leveraging subject matter experts (SME) to support tasks not routinely performed by site personnel.
  • Informed decision making for application of applicable patches, updates and/or revisions.
  • Performance assurance: Proactive system health monitoring assures customers that their I&C systems will continue to perform as designed with minimal impact on operations.
  • Maximized value at minimum cost: Get the most out of your I&C systems by keeping them operating at peak performance.
  • Long-term investment protection through proactive lifecycle and obsolescence management services.
  • Risk mitigation based on proactive system performance and lifecycle management, as well as access to Westinghouse SMEs who can supplement customer staff in the event of attrition or reassignment.


Basic S3 program packages include remote technical support, email, and internet support. Additional support modules are available and can be tailored to meet customer-specific needs and constraints.

Remote Technical Support

  • Customers are provided with a dedicated phone number, answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to gain access to remote technical support.

Email Support

  • Customers are provided with a dedicated S3 email address through which technical support can be requested, questions can be submitted, and issue status can be obtained.

Internet Support

  • Customers are provided with direct access to the Westinghouse I&C S3 Support Hub. This hub allows for direct submittal of support requests, ticket tracking and updating, and provides a secure location for Westinghouse and the customer to share files.

Available Extended Service Modules

In addition to the base S3 program support modules, an S3 program can be tailored to meet customers’ needs with a wide array of expert I&C support services. The following are examples of the additional extended services modules that are available and can be included in an S3 program.

  • Software Update Access: Provides customers with notice of, and access to, patches and revisions applicable to your installed plant I&C systems.
  • Software Updates Review: Provides an annual review and report of the available software patches and revisions applicable to your plant I&C systems.
  • Software Update Testing: Provides testing of the patches and revisions applicable to your plant I&C systems’ release levels.
  • Software Update Installation: Provides on-site installation of software updates applicable to your I&C systems by a Westinghouse system expert.
  • System Health Monitoring: Provides a periodic report to keep you informed of the health of your I&C system.
  • System Life Cycle Planning: Provides an annual report regarding solutions to proactively address the effects of equipment obsolescence and platform evolution.


Westinghouse is the nuclear industry’s leading provider of integrated I&C systems. Our solutions are based upon proven and widely used instrumentation and control platforms. They have been successfully installed and are operating in nuclear power plants around the world. Many plants are covered by a multi-year S3 programs to ensure continued optimal I&C system performance.